About us

Mentoring is a powerful tool. MentorProgramma Friesland introduces this tool within a powerful environment: the education of young people. Vocational and university education is the underlying structure of the programme, providing funding and embedding.
The programme provides additional guidance to young people in education. It is an addition to the regular support and counselling at school. It is a preventative programme that cannot be used as a problem-solving method. The basic principle is that the student has a learning need that can only be answered by an external personal mentor. The programme searches for the best match between supply (learning goal of the student) and demand (unique experience of the mentor).

Facts and figures

@ founded in 1997

@ collaboration between education, industry and government in the province of Friesland

@ 400 new linkups every year. Continuous network of 300 industrial mentors and an additional 120 studentmentors yearly

@ awards won since founding: Orange Fund Helffer Kootkar research prize, Anti-discrimination award, &-Campagne Award (for increasing the labour market chances of young people)

@ EU project Transfer of Innovation SUPREME 2012-2014 and Strategic Partnership SESAME 2014-2017

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