Learning company

Present Promotions

Another long term success factor of MentorProgramma Friesland is the connection to a in-school learning company: Present Promotions.
Present Promotions is managed by the team that also manages the mentoring programme. Activities are networking, presentations, PR and communication, organisation of events, design, etc. Present Promotions offers its services not only to MentorProgramma Friesland but also to companies and (semi) governmental institutions. About 50 trainees from different vocational schools and universities of applied science in the region work at the learning company and obtain their competences in the context of their education. The interns originate from various fields of study, ranging from ICT to Communication and Small Business & Retail Management. The learning company provides a strong learning environment full of role models for young people. Participants become true ambassadors for mentoring.

All activities in the company, e.g. office management, administrative and secretarial duties, marketing and communication, promotion, commercial tasks, planning and sales are carried out by the interns themselves.

WITH young people instead of ABOUT them

Involving the interns in the coordination of activities of the mentoing programme, has several advantages:
It relieves the tasks of managers, so that the mentoring team can do more with less people.
The approach ensures communication WITH young people, rather than ABOUT them.
Communication campaigns and public relations activities that are designed by young people are a success with the customers/target group.
The learning company is a constant source of creativity, innovation and action.
The close cooperation ensures continuity and embedding of both activities in the future.
The learning company provides a good basic network of student mentors from the universities of applied science which forms a stable factor of the mentoring programme.
Participants learn early in their school career that coaching and mentoring is an important part of their future career. It creates social involvement. Students take this experience with them in their future career as adult professionals.

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